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5 Helpful Tips for Summer Marathon Training

My first marathon is in September. When I picked the marathon, I chose Erie because it was close to home and because it was the last weekend for Boston Qualifying submissions for 2018.
I did not, however, completely consider that it would mean training all summer. Oops.
As someone who does not handle the heat well, I've compiled a five helpful tips that I plan to use to help combat summer training for fall marathon season.

1. Always Check the Weather
I do this all year round, but this is especially critical for me for the summer. Last summer, I was training for my first half marathon, and I found myself running late at night because those times had the lowest temperatures. I've also found the early mornings to be great since the sun hasn't boiled the ground yet either.
... unless you like the heat... you crazy heat people...
It's also good to see how the weather is going to be a few days out. If your training is a little flexible, then move some runs around. I'm …

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