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Week Running Recap

HIIIII. I swear I exist! I had the opportunity to travel to Nashville for my little niece, Eliana's 1st birthday. It was such a great time to just be with family and to reminisce on the past year with Ellie in our lives. Therefore, everything was paused for 5 days...

Working out was definitely on the backburner while I was visiting; I only went to the gym once and it suckkkkkkked. I attempted to do a 30 minute run-walk program.. that ended 15 minutes in. Tried to do some light body work, which took me so incredibly long to finish. And ended with a 15 minute walk again on the beloved dreadmill.

Coming back was emotionally hard for sure, but I did miss running on my home turf. First day I got back, I did an easy 4 miles just to feel my feet hit the ground again. This run really reintegrated me being back home and back into the swing of things. My legs felt a little stiff towards the end, which I expected after hardly moving for 5 days.

That was Tuesday; on Wednesday I went back to…

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