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HOF Marathon Training: 3 of 16

I am forever grateful for the ability to breathe and hold myself upright.
That flu was NASTY.
Now that I'm healthy, it's back to training.

Monday: 10 min Abs and 20 min HIIT

I was trying my best to feel better, and didn't want to get out and run in case my cough came back full-blown, so I just hung out in my room and did a couple workouts with my favorite YouTube account, Fitness Blender.

Tuesday: Progression Run

I was actually supposed to do a Track Workout, but being my first day back into running and still battling a cough, I didn't want to push it too much. So instead, I calculated the approximate mileage that my track run would have ended me with, and did Progression Miles instead.
Progressions are great ways to train your body to go the distance and finish strong! I used to NEVER negative split, and now, I feel sorta defeated when I don't negative split, or at least maintain paces within 10-15seconds of each other.

This felt strong though. I was able to get my…
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Monday Motivation: Discipline

Discipline is hard. If it was easy, I wouldn't be writing these Monday Motivation posts. 
Think of a time when you had to do something and didn't want to, but when all was said and done, you looked back and thought "it wasn't that bad" or "I'm glad I did it".
This is where self-growth happens and you recognize your own discipline in action. You climbed over those mental hurdles to get you to the finish. And now, you can look back accomplished and mentally stronger than before.
Remember that feeling next time you're faced with a task and really just don't want to do it. 
I think that discipline is why running isn't always the fan favorite and why we runners get called 'crazy'. Running takes a heck of a lot of discipline.
I'm not gonna lie, running can get really boring sometimes - especially on the third lap around North Park. No one likes doing boring stuff. And then sometimes the thought of running for hours sounds g…

HOF Marathon Training: 2 of 16

Rest Week Already?! 

So I have been very fortunate in that I have never had the flu. The worst sickness I can recall is maybe the 24 hour stomach bug. I made it all of last winter without a serious cold - just the sniffles from time to time.
But holy crap! The Flu is NO JOKE. When they say muscle aches, I didn't realize I could be in pain just laying on the couch. I didn't think I actually had the flu until about Friday when I could hardly stand to keep my eyes open or stand up straight, let alone breathe.
So the only run I got in this week was my track run on Tuesday. I went to the treadmill because it has been never ending snow here in Pittsburgh. 

And I honestly have no clue what I am doing on the treadmill when it comes to distance. My watch says one thing, the dreadmill says another. Then when I had to run 800s, I was going off the treadmill, but then got confused and forgot where in distance I started... 
It was just a mess. I kinda did it? Not 100% …

Monday Motivation: Positive Pants and Get Stuff Done

My Positive Pants: comfortable clothes (that match hah), a good makeup look, and some EDM. If you see me around with said look, I'm probably on a mission.
What do your positive pants look like?
Get stuff done. What do you consider stuff?
For me, it's prepping food and my school stuff for the coming week, catching up on sleep, doing some yoga and stretching, and just putting myself in a positive mindset so I can crush the coming week. It's not always easy, and I'm not going to sit here and say that I do it all the time either. Hence why I started this Monday Motivation weekly post - so I can get in the mindset that I can and will accomplish Monday.
Not everyone has the same stuff, but I can almost guarantee that we all have a list of things we need or want to do, but put off time and time again. So this Monday, look at your list. Do you have 5 extra minutes to make that doctors appointment or can do a load of laundry while cooking dinner? If so, what's holding y…

HOF Marathon Training: 1 of 16

IT'S TIME! Hall of Fame Marathon Training is here!

Hey guys! I'm so excited to be on a training schedule again. I want my redemption at HOF for Erie. If you followed me last summer, I trained for Erie up until 4 weeks out, only to result in an overuse injury. This is my time. I've rested, cross trained, and learned so much to better prepare myself for this training cycle. 
This winter/spring race season has a couple races that I wont be racing for time, rather just to enjoy the energy and use them as test runs going towards marathon day. Some of these are the ever-favorites like Spring Thaw and Just A Short Run that are unique to the Pittsburgh area. These two races alone have brought me to meet many others in the running community that I am happy to call my friends. 
Everything I will be doing now is aimed for April 29th


So this week has been kinda crazy... as if my life isn't ever not-crazy. With marathon training and starting school last week, finding m…

Monday Motivation: Good Week

But really, isn't every week? Life is what you make it despite the ups and downs we face. Leave whatever struggles and hardships this past week brought you. It's last week, we have to look ahead of us. Ever try looking backwards while running? You're not as focused on going forward. And isn't that why you're running in the first place?
So make this week a good week that you can reflect on and be proud of. Welcome the challenges. Crush those goals. Be mindful. Enjoy the little moments. And damnit, smile all the way through. 

Have a good week!

Monday Motivation: Tranforming in Training


okay, lets be real for a minute:
I'm scared to death.
So many worries about training, the thought of actual race day, the energy going to be spent, balancing life... woah baby.
I'm exhausted.
I feel like my life is an endless cycle of sleep, school, work. where the heck do I add in training?
I'm not completely motivated.
These last few weeks of sub-0 wind chills have had me staying indoors and being lazier than I wanted. I don't feel completely elated to start moving again

I could sit on my butt and not train. I could envy everyone around me getting ready for coming races like Boston and PGH. Or... I could pick up my sorry bum and get going. Last training cycle, I learned SOOOO much, and I know I only have even more to learn about myself, my body, and running.
It's when we go out of our comfort zones that we really transform as a person. I may not want to get out of bed some days or go to the gym for cross trai…