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Week 9 Training Recap

You know how when you get on the bike at the gym, and you can choose that "mountain" option for inclines? So for the first half of the cycle, you'd go uphill, then ride easier downhill for the second half?

Marathon training is not like that.

And with the humidity we've been having here in PGH, it's as if I'm climbing up the mountain even steeper than before.
My legs were definitely hungover from last weekend's half marathon up at Presque Isle. Monday's rest day, aka: the days that I double at work, was incredible; I pretty much stayed seated unless absolutely necessary or to stretch my tired legs. I made sure I was taking in enough protein and electrolytes to help my legs recover as best as possible. 

Here's how this last week's running went:

Tuesday: 4 Easy/Recovery Miles. 9:10 avg pace. I had a super busy day off of doctors appointments, errands, meetings, and meeting up with friends for the Runner's Night at PNC Park. As much as I wante…

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